This scholarship, also known as the Dorothy Carpenter Wells (DCW) Scholarship, funds students entering college. 

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More info: / 917.273.0193

Check: payable to Easternnaires

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Cashapp: $Easternnaires

Paypal: “Friends & Family” at 

The DCW Scholarship was started in 2015 by Brian Dickerson, Beverly Pierce & Trina Ballantyne in honor of Sis. Dorothy Carpenter Wells, representing her love, dedication and commitment to youth and education.

The DCW Scholarship aims to support the aspirations of involved and committed, Easternnaires who are pursuing their education beyond High School.

The award recipients have been actively engaged in worship, academics and extracurricular activities. They are bright, creative, intelligent, and blessed with many talents.

The DCW recipients have gone on to complete certificates, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. They are entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, in ministry, medicine, IT, in law enforcement, real estate, service industries and more.

Since its inception, the DCW Scholarship has raised over $30,000 and dispersed these funds to 25 young people. It is your generous support that has allowed us to keep Sis. Wells’ legacy alive. We need that support to continue.

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