September 3, 2012

Dear Sisters and Friends:

We, the "Retreat" Committee, appreciate your participation in the 2012 Ladies Retreat! My sisters, was this not a grand spiritual reunion fortified with rich and restful moments of renewed fellowship with fellow Sisters-in-Christ?


And, the speakers, those spiritually guided daughters of the King, who declared through the Topic "Within the Seed" that we were the selected seed-bearers of God's Excellence.

And the wonderful encouragement of songs and prayers, did they not lift and refresh our fatigued souls to soar to the very Throne Room of our heavenly Father? My sisters, we were abundantly blessed!

What blessings does our God have in store for next year's Spirit filled event?

Thus, we invite you to attend the 36th Annual Northeastern Ladies Retreat held May 31 through June 2, 2013 at the Wyndham Hotel in Gettysburg, PA.

As we know, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is filled with the historic beginningsof our great nation. However, it may surprise you to know, this area is overflowing with something even more powerful. That is, the rich and oh so wonderful spiritual foundation on which our country was built. So ladies, it is with great excitement and anticipation that we begin planning of this event.

For in Gettysburg, we will delve into the past, examine our present, and renew our promise for a Spirit filled future as we reflect on the theme, "The Plan" (Jeremiah 29:11).


Each person will be responsible for making her own arrangements with the Wyndham Hotel. Standard rooms have been set aside for our use. Each room is available with a single king size bed or two double beds. The rates are as follows:
A) Single to Quadrapule Occupancy                        $129 plus 11% tax

Please note: Based on last year's attendance, we have contracted for only 200 people. The hotel will only honor this rate until May 1, 2013. After the deadline, the rooms will be released and the group rate is no longer available. Therefore, it is very important to be sure to reserve your space as soon as possible. Remember, this price is based on availability.

The hotel address and reservation information are as follows:

Wyndham Gettysburg
95 Presidential Circle
Gettysburg, PA 17325

To register call: 1-877-999-3223

Or you may utilize the Wyndham Website:

If you choose to call, please be sure to identify yourself as a participant with the Northeastern Ladies Retreat. This will ensure you receive the hotel rates stated above.


The retreat registration fee for this year is: $230 for adults and $110 for children ages 5-12 (no charge for children 4 and under). These monies cover the cost of food, badges, etc.

As mentioned last year, though the registration fee may be paid in installments, the current state of our economy has made it increasingly difficult to come up with these payments. For this reason, one of our sisters has come up with a wonderful idea. She suggests each sister set aside at least $5 per week. In this way, each registration will be paid with minimal stress.

Payments and Schedule

The payment schedule for Retreat registration & transportation is as follows:

1st  Payment  - October 15
2nd Payment  - December 15
3rd Payment  - February 15
4th Payment  - April 15

Enclosed you will find a payment registration form. This form should accompany each payment submitted. Only church checks or money orders will be accepted. Make all checks/money orders payable to the Northeastern Ladies Retreat and forward to:

Clarise Bryant
99 Park Avenue
Englewood, New Jersey 07631

Do not make any checks out to Chloe Bryant. Any checks made out to her will have to be returned.
No partial installment payments. Please either pay the registration in full or send the full installment for each date noted.


Please do not send names without money.

The installment schedule has been instituted to ensure easy tracking of all payments for us, and for you as well. Therefore we humbly request (please, please sisters, follow it) that you send no more than four payments per person.

We cannot make arrangements for anyone without a payment. If you find that you cannot attend the Retreat, your monies may be refunded. However, since we must make a monetary commitment to the hotel, the deadline for reimbursement is March 15.

Introduction of Congregations

We are going to visit the wonderful city of Gettysburg.  This setting is filled with historic (and historically spiritual) significance. There are people in the town who dress in the garments of yesteryear and expound to those who listen, the import of the events of times past. They do this to cause us to reflect and embrace our nation’s heritage and the legacy left to us by our founding fathers. 

We, as children of the Most High God, adorn ourselves in the garments of spirituality each and every day. In this way, all nations will recognize us as belonging to the Master. This is our heritage. This is the legacy we not only leave…it is the legacy we live.

The theme of the 2013 introduction of congregations is “What’s Old, Is New Again”.

Have you noticed the styles from our yesteryear are back in vogue?  We see everything from stacks (for the younger readers that would be a type of shoe… Google it), to bell bottoms. So my sisters, you know that dress that you have in the back of your closet… The one you just can’t give away because you know it’s coming back in style…Pull it out & dust it off because this year we will be adorning ourselves in the garments of yesteryear.  That’s right! 

Step 1: We ask each congregation to choose an era (i.e. the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, etc.).

Step 2: Adorn yourselves in the garments reflective of that moment in history.  You may choose to use only accessories (hat’s, parasols, scarves, etc) or attire yourselves from head to toe in the garments of that time period.  The sky is the limit… Just remember to keep it modest... Amen.
Step 3: It’s banner time!  Make a banner that houses the name of your congregation along with the era you are representing.  

For example:
Sunnyville Church of Christ

Salutes the Roaring 1920’s

Dress the banner up as well… add some lace representing the ’20s or perhaps a poodle if you choose the 1950’s.  Get creative! Wow!  This is going to be AWESOME!!!!!! 

Spiritual Scavenger Hunt

As we walked through the streets of downtown Gettysburg, we thought it would be wonderful if our sisters could have this experience as well.  What better way to get acquainted with a new place than a Spiritual Scavenger Hunt!!! That’s right my sisters, we will be walking the very streets trod upon by Abraham Lincoln while having a great time learning awesome and surprising lessons. Since we always want to take every opportunity to let the world know who we represent, we would like to be uniformed in our attire. For this reason, we will be preparing Ladies Retreat t -shirts for all who wish to order.

The pricing and order forms will follow this letter shortly.


Remember sisters...this is a smoke free retreat. As always, our goal, by the Retreat's end, is for our speakers and more information concerning our program. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Virginia Keith at (718) 527-3530 or Jennie Hallback at (718) 468-1040.

Sisters, please pray that the Lord will bless our efforts as the Retreat committee works to plan a spiritual event for 2012. May the Lord we serve bless and keep you.

Yours in the Master,

Virginia Keith





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